pdfALBACORE TUNA_sandwich with SMS Wasabi Soy Dressing

pdfBARRAMUNDI_with curry and rice


pdfCOD_marinated with SMS Marinade and pan roasted

pdfCOD_roasted with garlic butter

pdfEUROPEAN SEABASS_baked whole with fresh herbs

pdfHALIBUT_in parchment paper

pdfHALIBUT_wrapped in prosciutto

pdfLOBSTER_broiled lobster tail with garlic butter

pdfLOBSTER_poached lobster benedict with bacon

pdfMAHI MAHI_with mango and papaya salsa

pdfMEAGRE_with salsa verde

pdfMEAGRE_with Mediterranean style tomato and olives

pdfMONKFISH_pan roasted with curry sauce

pdfMUSSELS_steamed with beer

pdfOYSTER_How to Eat A Raw Oyster

pdfROCKFISH_grilled in foil

pdfSABLEFISH_marinated in miso

pdfSALMON_baked with SMS Dill Sauce

pdfSALMON_pan seared with sake glaze

pdfSALMON_skewers with lemon

pdfSALMON_grilled Sockeye Salmon with a side salad


pdfSCALLOPS_pan seared in butter


pdfSHRIMP_bay shrimp in avocado

pdfSHRIMP_sauteéd shrimp scampi

pdfSHRIMP_shrimp salad bowl

pdfSHRIMP_Shrimp Scampi Pasta with Santa Monica Seafood Scampi Butter

pdfSMOKED SEAFOOD_seafood holiday platter

pdfSTEELHEAD TROUT_grilled on cedar plank with SMS Spicy Asian Apricot BBQ Sauce


pdfSTEELHEAD TROUT_poki with mango salsa

pdfSWORDFISH_pan roasted with sauteéd tomatoes

pdfSWORDFISH_grilled with Earth & Vine Mango Tequila Jalapeño Grilling and Dipping Sauce

pdfSWORDFISH_grilled with SMS Apricot BBQ Sauce

pdfTUNA_spicy burger

pdfWAHOO (ONO)_pan roasted with avocado and tomato salad