Alaska’s Finest: Sockeye Salmon

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Sockeye Salmon, fresh for a limited time only while supplies last!

My favorite salmon is finally back in stock, Alaskan Sockeye (<–Chefs, click here)! It has a beautiful, deep red coloring that is always bound to make a statement. This salmon offers a strong flavor profile and firm texture that makes it super easy to cook and even more tasty to eat. Alaskan Sockeye is leaner than its pricy relative the King Salmon but provides many of the same benefits. Sockeye boasts high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B and D, all of which help to combat heart disease. And let’s not forget that you can even eat the skin which provides a nice smoky flavor, YUM!

Sockeye Salmon can be found in Pacific waters off the northwest coasts of the United States and Canada. Santa Monica Seafood sources multiple products from Alaska because it is known for its eco-friendly attitude and plentiful seafood stocks. Alaskan waters are managed sustainably to assure that a species population does not deplete, making the purchase of Alaskan Sockeye both an environmentally responsible and delicious choice. The cold waters and access to a natural diet also gives Alaskan seafood a distinct, rich flavor.

Being an avid fan and supporter of Santa Monica Seafood, my family purchases a lot of their products, especially salmon. Alaskan Sockeye is always my mother’s go-to choice because it’s so healthy and flavorful. Santa Monica Seafood also ships its products overnight, so it is guaranteed to be fresh. I mean c’mon, its practically straight from the water!

Due to their migration upstream to spawn, Alaskan Sockeye have a limited buying season. From spring to fall, my mother makes sure to have our fridge stocked with this fresh delight. That way, she is always able to make her delicious Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Gnocchi with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. The recipe comes straight from our partners at Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and happens to be a family favorite, being Italian I can’t resist pasta! My mouth is WATERING just thinking about it, I recommend trying this one!

CLICK HERE for salmon recipes right on our website!

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